Prophet Makandiwa has thrown the gauntlet, bring your belly he tells doubters

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By Lazarus Amos

For years men have clenched their fists and gritted their teeth in the face of God. For years man has tried to fight God. It is no different today, people are still fighting , however, this time they are intensifying the battles with anyone who represents God, thus men and women of God have become the media’s favourite punching bag.

Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa

In the recent past Zimeye an online publication, caught the attention of many on social media, by publishing a ludicrous video clip with large arrows point at nothing. The publication alleged that Prophet Makandiwa had performed a fake miracle. Zimeye used a video clip that they obtained from UFIC files on Youtube, to try and validate their claimthat the miracle was fake, however all they did was insert huge arrows pointing to nothing and a lot of text claiming the miracle was fake.

Interestingly in an unprecedented move Prophet Makandiwa responded to this allegation by ZimEye and he did so in a very interesting and informative way. We have put the two video clips for our readers to see.

Onward Christian Radio found Prophet Makandiwa’s response very news worthy, and as such we published it and consequently the now discredited ZimEye boched video expose. As a Christian publication we are glad the man of God responded in the way which he did, we have, noted with increasing concern how some online media organisations have ingnored all journalistic ethics as they seek to fight men and women of God. Prophet Makandiwa’s responce is a very welcome action particularly at this time when some sections of the media have now turned men of God and the Church into punching bags indeed its about time, somebody speaks.

Prophet Makandiwa threw the gauntlet, in his response he said “one thing that I like about what God is doing here, you know it’s always wise to criticise a man once he is gone, not when he is still alive and can still do it…”

Speaking to attendees of the Empowerment Summit, Prophet Makandiwa challenged those making ludicrous accusations “ it’s so interesting, personally I like it when people sit down and spend time looking at what we are doing…” he said.

Speaking in Shona Makandiwa said: “ko ivo vacho vanotaura avana matumbu here, nhayi vakomana?” literally translated the prophet basically called out those who are making a noise of all this, challenging those who want proof to bring their real bellies.


Word to the wise:  Proverbs 21 vs 30

“There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord”

When Solomon stated this years and years ago he was simply teaching us that anybody who goes against God is a fool. There is no wisdom in attacking men of God or those who represent HIM.