Prophet Uebert Angel Weighs in on Tudor Bismark

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By Lazarus Amos

In an unexpected turn of events Prophet Uebert Angel, founder of Spirit Embassy Worldwide, defied all predictions as issued an official statement directed to the friends, partners and members, of Spirit Embassy Worldwide.

Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Uebert Angel

Just when most observers thought that Prophet Uebert Angel would come out fighting he displayed a level of maturity that is craved for in Christendom today.

The founder of Spirit Embassy Worldwide demonstrated forgiveness, love and respect, calling on all Christians to desist from attacking or insulting any servants of God. He implored members of his church to respect Bishop Turdor Bismack and counselled them against attacking the good Bishop.

Most in the media had braced themselves for a spectacular showdown between the Prophet ( Uebert Angel) and Bishop Tudor Bismark. This comes after Bishop Tudor Bismark issued a statement on his Facebook page stating that Prophet Angel had been claiming to be under his covering a claim that Prophet Uebert Angel categorically denied.

The statement read as follows:


It has always been a standing rule of Spirit Embassy, never to waste our words on things that deserve our silence. We still maintain that even in light of what has been circulating in social media.

One of the focal reasons we took that stance is that we budgeted for acrimony way before we started this work and besides it is always best to keep quiet because silence can never be misquoted. As the old adage goes ‘a wise man once said NOTHING’. As the founder of this great organisation, I have been unequivocally doing just that and it is in the same vein of keeping spiritual things spiritual, that I on behalf of Spirit Embassy Management Team decided to write to you our friends, partners and members with regards to recent happenings.

In the sincere desire to guard the truth of the gospel, the unity of the believers in Christ, and to honour the Lord Jesus with sound doctrine and life in daily worship to him, I do hereby take this unprecedented step to lovingly write to you all our friends and the membership of Spirit Embassy Worldwide to affirm the following:

I know by prophetic unction that Bishop Tudor Bismark is called of God, undoubtedly anointed and in my own assessment, a general in the Kingdom of God.

All aside, my rich African heritage demands that I respect Bishop Tudor Bismark, he is after all someone who is around three decades my senior in terms of age. I therefore respect him and always have held him with such high regard as a distinguished man of God, a great teacher of the gospel and a well-respected man of God who has made immense positive contributions to the body of Christ worldwide and will continue to see him as such.

It is however sad and regrettable that some entities may have misinformed the good Bishop that I claimed to be affiliated to his covering which is downright untrue and implausible.

As one of the most outspoken voices with regards to fatherhood my true affiliations are known to you all and are never clandestine. I remain under the spiritual covering of my father Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng and just as I will not and can’t change my biological parents I will not change my spiritual lineage. My father is in turn fathered by the world renowned Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams therefore I consider myself privileged to have this spiritual lineage with great servants of God operating in the prophetic. It therefore goes without saying, I know how to submit and I do submit to my spiritual father and his covering and have never claimed any other covering and will not start now.

Thus, I couldn’t even if I would and wouldn’t even if I could, claim to be under the covering of the good Bishop, Tudor Bismark.

I call upon all the members, friends and partners of Spirit Embassy who may have felt aggrieved by comments or statements on social media recently to desist from attacking the Bishop of God, Tudor Bismark. There is a lot of grace of God upon Bishop Tudor Bismark, that I personally know how spiritually dangerous it is to attack him so in good conscience and without ulterior motives, I discourage any attacks, to be levelled against him, be they verbal or otherwise, and that goes for any of the servants of God out there.

I also call upon you to pray for Bishop Tudor Bismark and myself, pray for us earnestly and also pray for all those who may have spoken negatively against God’s servants either in anger or retaliation, with the exception of men of integrity who hold spiritual office at the same level or higher, who have rightly questioned the stance taken, in the absence of evidence.

In light of all this, Jesus Christ said, “he without sin cast the first stone” I am not one to cast a stone upon the Bishop because I still strongly feel some individuals might have misinformed him because I know he is a good man and besides if it is that he erred we should all understand that perfection eludes us all. We looked for a Saviour in Christ because we are sinners, we do make mistakes and only Jesus Christ is perfect. However, in His perfection Jesus Christ still loves and forgives us, therefore, I too can forgive because I also err. I am not perfect. In fact no one is but Christ.

As Christ has loved us let us love and forgive, it is for us to unite the body of Christ and advance the work of God in this, our generation and not to be involved in what I call ‘Christian civil war’. Always remember real spirituality when it sees a wrong it never leads to opposition but to intercession!

In all your doing remember ‘Love without truth is hypocrisy and truth without love is brutality’ so let the truth of Christ and the love of Christ be your greatest quest.

Let God Lead


Uebert Angel


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