Uebert Angel Eyes Hollywood

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By Staff Reporter

Like him or hate him Uebert Angel attracts controversy as much as great influence and power.

Like him or hate him Uebert Angel attracts controversy as much as great influence and power.

Like him or hate him Uebert Angel attracts controversy as much as great influence and power.

Much recently the multimillionaire businessman turned philanthropist Angel has been the talk of Hollywood, as big movie stars have been talking of how he inspires them and some simply sending shout outs for his birthday which will be celebrated on the 31st of October despite the fact that his birthday is actually 6 September.

Among the list of Hollywood greats that have been sending shoutouts to Angel are the likes of Terrence Howard the award winning actor who stars in the new hit series Empire as Lucious Lyon, to award winning singer Gwen Stefani, Angela Bassett, Vivica A. Fox and more.

A source close to Angel speaking on terms of anonymity said in a few months you will hear some big things coming up in Hollywood with Angel’s touch written all over it. This same source, told this paper that Angel, changed focus to reach these superstars and celebrities to bring them to a knowledge of the Good news which Jesus Christ taught and the big names are listening. It also appears his persecutions are their persecutions that’s why he can appeal to them because he seems to understand them as much as they understand him.

In the shout outs, Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. Had a simple message for Uebert Angel “May God bless you, Keep prophesying.” “Tiny” Lister is a reasonable actor, who has managed to notch up appearances in over 80 movies, he also had a stint in both the WWE (Formerly WWF) & WCW professional wrestling circuits in the late 1980s appearing under the name popular name of “Zeus” and “ZGangsta”.

It appears Angel has already attracted a lot of attention in Hollywood. Stand-up comedian and television producer James Harvey Kennedy was another name impressed by Angel: “Like you teach us with God on our side ain’t nothing is gonna go wrong” said James Harvey Kennedy

Kenyan born and American national, actor Benjamin “Benji” Ochieng who featured in the movie “Tears of the Sun”, the X files and the movie God’s Not Dead among many others was full of praise for Uebert Angel.

“You have been a blessing in my life. I have been following you and all the good stuff that you’ve been doing thank you so much and God bless you” he said.

Many other A-list celebrities and stars of Hollywood are said to be very keen on getting to meet Uebert Angel after getting recommendations form those who have already met him and many seek his wise counsel.

Some of those Hollywood greats are said to be readying themselves to attend the birthday celebration set for 31 October, the proceeds from the birthday bash are set to be given to charity.