Sulu Chimbetu Pens Special release for Angel Ahead of Birthday

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by TZN Correspondent

While Hollywood was shouting out birthday messages on social media for prophet Angel Zimbabwean celebrity Chimbetu took to the mic to belt out a hit song.

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In the song Chimbetu, bemoans the fact that the enemies of the prophet are plotting to kill the man of God yet he has done no wrong. Chimbetu then pleads with these enemies to leave the man of God to his work telling them that the prophet is here to do God’s work.

Chimbetu then asks the Prophet (Uebert Angel) to forgive Zimbabwe for not respecting the prophets. (Major Dzorai moyo mutinzwire tsitsi- you are celebrated in Nigeria, South Africa and America)

Uebert Angel has withstood a torrent of attacks in the media and on social networking platforms such as Facebook and and in particular online publication. Angel continues to rock believers and non-believers alike with a brand of revelatory gospel some describe as very controversial but hugely scholarly and intelligible.

Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, Uebert Angel is not a drop, but the ocean itself. After a raging torrent of negative, malicious and fictional stories which have rained on him for the past couple of years. One would have thought he would have gone under, but he is still going strong.

The overflow crowds showing up to hear Angel, preaching are a testament not only to his current popularity but the practicality of his teachings as he spreads the good news that is the word of God.

The prophet is doing a lot of good work, but it is very hard for people to accept and acknowledge the good that God is doing through his prophet. In the words of Sulu Chimbetu (munhu we nyama hatende…)