Letter to Itai Dzamara

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Dear Itai

My heart drops and sinks into an insipid mode when I consider that it’s over six months since you were abducted by state security agents.

Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara

Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara

Itai Dzamara

A lot has transpired since the 9th of March, the day you were heinously snatched from us by these evil men and women. I may not be able to condense all that into a concise collage for you but I hope this letter gives you a glimpse into what is happening. I know your heart will  break over what I am sharing with you.

Life has not been the same since 9 March, 2015. Our lives have changed drastically because you are not with us. We all miss you so much, especially your wife Sheffra and your kids, Nokutenda and Nenyasha. Your continued forced absence is eating up mom and dad although they have shown great strength and courage during this trying period.

Your son Nokutenda is now at a new school but your absence has negatively affected his performance at school. He incessantly asks his mother when you are going to return. Nenyasha seems to have an idea of what happened to you but she certainly has not grasped the gravity of the issue as yet.

Itai Dzamara’s wife Sheffra and his mother (centre) seen at the launch of the Itai Dzamara Trust in Harare this week

Sheffra has shown a great deal of maturity and forbearance in your absence. She has ably stood in your gap for the kids despite the ominous realities hovering over her. It’s certainly not easy for her although we are all trying our best to make sure that everything is kept under control.

Your Occupy Africa Unity Square team is in constant touch with us although they are not able to do much in your absence. You were plucked from them too early but I see their hunger and passion to continue the work you started and I hope you will inspire them from wherever you are to continue the struggle you started together.

Itai, we have tried all we can and we shall leave no stone unturned in order to get to the bottom of this, at any cost. We have vociferously knocked on several doors seeking the truth because we need closure. I even petitioned President Mugabe over your continued missing two weeks ago. I know that if it was you, much more would have been done but I am trying mukoma.

As the days go by, most of the things you projected are becoming more and more apparent. Ever since they abducted you, most of the things you extrapolated have been unfolding into reality. You will be shocked to realise how you were inspired to see into the future.

On Tuesday, 15 September we launched a trust in your name. The Itai Dzamara Trust will also attend to the needs of your family and most importantly perpetuate the idea and force you represent.

A lot of theories have been promulgated regarding your missing. Some suggest that this was an orchestrated move in order for you to gain political mileage. Others suggest that even myself has a hand in your missing. I do not pay attention to that frivolity and hogwash because I know that you were taken by state security agents and I know that God is watching. They will answer for what they did to you.

Some of your friends and comrades have stood with us throughout. Together with some of them, we have been holding prayers for you and we believe they have been a source of strength to you, wherever you are. Several demonstrations have been held for you to be released.

Itai Dzamara, wherever you are, dead or alive, may your spirit cause restlessness to the people who did this to you. Yes, the time is now my brother. Our emotional equilibrium has been disturbed and we need finality on this matter. We cannot continue like this. We are still hopeful that you are alive because that is all we get when you visit us in dreams.

We look forward to being with you soon my brother. We love and we miss you greatly. Even as tears engulf my tears right now, I want to tell you that I am proud of you. You took an unsual but necessary stand. Caring less for your comfort and security, you said what had to be said. You confronted what had to be confronted. You are a true hero.

I learnt the true meaning of leadership from you and I know I am becoming a better leader through all this. You will forever remain my inspiration.

‘Chiuya wakabata mwenje, mukati merima. Mwenje ndiwe, mukati merima, rudo ndiwe mukati merima, mbiri ndiwe mukati merima.’

Patson Dzamara