Mutasa dies from pneumonia

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CHIEF Mutasa, who was one of the few remnant members of the older age group of serving traditionalists in Manicaland, has died.

He was in his 80s. The chief – who was the custodian of the cultural heritage in Mutasa District, is said to have passed a fortnight ago and his body was interred at Kellys. Park Farm, Old Mutare Saturday.

Traditionally, members of the Mutasa clan who die on the throne are buried in their ancestral Bingaguru Mountains.

Inquiries among members of the clan, subjects and government officials confirmed that the chief had passed on.

It has since emerged that Chief Mutasa died a fortnight ago at Bonda Mission Hospital and was ferried back to his homestead for preparation by the vachurus, but the information was being held away from the public for traditional reasons.

Though Provincial Administrator Mr Fungai Mbetsa was not readily available for a comment to shed light on the chief’s fate, The Manica Post has it on good authority that the late Chief Mutasa succumbed to

The late Chief Mutasa

The late Chief Mutasa


The Ministry of Local Government often foots funeral expenses for traditional leaders. The late Chief Mutasa was all-embracing, a virtue that saw him working well with various development agencies to propel development in his area.

If one is judged by the number of development projects in the area of his jurisdiction, then the late Chief Mutasa served his subjects well. He represented his people fully and was one rare traditionalist whose leadership qualities could not be questioned.

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