Social media: Zanu-PF gags youth

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Zanu-PF youths found tarnishing the party’s name and its leadership through the social media, will be expelled from the party, national youth secretary  Pupurai Togarepi said yesterday. Addressing journalists at the party’s headquarters in Harare,  Togarepi said the youths should abide by the party’s principles. “The reason why we called for this conference is to clearly state that any member found abusing the party on social networks, especially WhatsApp will be expelled,”  Togarepi said.


“Everybody should work in harmony. Social networks are a way of communication but some youths are abusing it tarnishing the image of the party. “We expect everyone to work in a way that reflects the standards of zanu-pf. We are a disciplined party and we need disciplined people because if one is caught on the wrong side of the law he/she will be dismissed forthwith,” he said.

Togarepi said they had set up a team that would monitor the youths’ behaviour in accordance with the principles of the party. He also said that those members who had been reprimanded should ask for forgiveness from the party leaders and move away from their previous deeds.

“Those members who are on reprimand are urged to meet the leaders and ask for forgiveness and put themselves in a better position to work well in the party,” Togarepi said. “Our main reason is discipline and we need our youths to be disciplined and be exemplary. We say no to social media wars and we tell those youths abusing it that their days are numbered.

“Youths should get out of factionalism or represent any leader without his/her knowledge because some youths are claiming to be representing some leaders while in actual fact they are not,” he said.Herald