Maridadi tells Supa nhasi topedzerana toenda kumapena

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Mabvuku-Tafara legislator James Maridadi yesterday came guns blazing taking Information Communication Technology Minister Supa Mandiwanzira to task on how he obtained a $200 000 loan to buy a vehicle for $190 000.

But he did not get his way as he was cut short by the Deputy Speaker Mabel Chinomona who ended the questions without notice session during yesterday’s question time in Parliament.

Mandiwanzira insisted that he never borrowed any money. The vehicle in question was a CMED vehicle which he has been given as part of the conditions of service.james-maridadi-parl-e1468187767753

Q & A:

*HON. MARIDADI:  Thank you Madam Speaker.  My question is directed to Hon. Minister Supa Mandiwanzira.  I want to find out what Government policy allows the Hon. Minister to have a motor vehicle purchased for him by a parastatal which is under his Ministry?  I am saying so in light of the allegations that you are said to have received a loan for $200 000 and you bought a motor vehicle for $190 000.  It is an infinite motor vehicle.  Is it Government policy that parastatals under them, when they have Government vehicles that are purchased for them…

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  I do not think that, that question was supposed to go straight to the Minister.  The question is supposed to go to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development because he is the one who negotiates for that.

HON. MARIDADI:  Madam Speaker, I would have asked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development in relation to vehicles that are made available by Government to Ministers in general.  But, this is a specific case where a Minister has instructed a parastatal under his purview to buy him a vehicle.  So, it has nothing to do with the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development.

Madam Speaker, the Minister is available unless Hon. Gumbo is saying that he is a better Minister than the Minister.  The Minister has to answer for himself.  Hon. Gumbo, allow Hon. Mandiwanzira to answer the question.  Thank you.

THE MINISTER OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY, POSTAL AND COURIER SERVICES (HON. MANDIWANZIRA): Thank you Madam Speaker.  I would like to thank you for allowing me to respond to this question because it is very important that we expose the lies that have been perpetrated for the longest time and led by Hon. Maridadi, even writing articles in the newspapers – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –


HON. MARIDADI:  On a point of order. Minister, you answered a question and not a lie – nhasi topedzerana, toenda kumapena.  Madam Speaker, the Minister must answer the question and spare us the lecture.  He must answer the question and spare us a lecture!

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order Hon. Maridadi.  Hon. Maridari, sit down.

supa mandiwanziraHON. MANDIWANZIRA:  Thank you Madam Speaker for giving me the opportunity to answer a question which is supposedly fact but it is not fact.  The reality of the matter is that I have never obtained a loan from Government or a parastatal to buy a vehicle.  The vehicle I drive as a condition of service vehicle issued to me by the Government of Zimbabwe is actually owned by CMED.  So, Hon Maridadi must be well informed before he abuses parliamentary privilege to make allegations of corruption against Ministers.

It is very important that Hon. Members of the other side must not abuse their parliamentary privilege by lying – [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections.] –

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order, order, order Hon. Members.

HON. MANDIWANZIRA:  I have never obtained a loan.  The car that I drive is owned by CMED.  I thank you.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order, order, order.  Hon. Maridadi, may you please sit down.  – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –Order, order, order Hon. Members.  Can I have order please?

Hon. Minister, it is the duty of the Minister to give the information that is required when you are asked.  It is not the duty of Members of Parliament to go around and research.  Once you are asked, you have to give a full answer so that people know what is happening –[HON. MEMBERS:  Hear, hear.] – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – Order, order.  Let us have order please.  Do not be so excited, you are Hon. Members of Parliament.

Questions Without Notice were interrupted by THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER in terms of Standing Order Number 64.-Insider

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