Married Bev Sibanda Unleashes Hot Intimate Photos… Dancer Settles Well With New Hubby

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Bev Sibanda

Welcome to the married life of Bev Sibanda

The raunchy dancer is clearly still in the honeymoon phase of her recent nuptials to UK based medical doctor Chambuka Mufudzi (43).

Judging by her glow things seem to be going well in the Mufudzi household as she seems to have settled well.

She recently shared pictures of her new habitat with Chambuka on social media.

Bev Sibanda
Bev Sibanda

The dancer who was keeping her love life under wraps surprised everyone when it was revealed that she wed Mufudzi in a low key ceremony at Harare Magistrate’s court.

After the wedding she went on to post her honeymoon pictures with her new hubby looking every inch the smitten new bride.

There were claims that Bev’s pregnancy prompted the couple to hold a shotgun wedding in order to dignify their union but the dancer quickly shut down the rumors that she was pregnant.

Bev,who has a flair for the dramatic filmed a live video showing negative results from her pregnancy test.

She displayed the negative pregnancy test accompanied by a receipt from the pharmacy whilst blasting Ammara Brown’s Svoto song to drive the point home.

It wasn’t long before the foundation of their marriage was shaken barely a week after the union with the gossip mill working overtime to reveal the not so good side of Bev’s husband.

A jilted woman who claimed to have been Chambuka’s lover said she was giving their marriage a very short time before it collapses.

She alleged that Mufudzi was a womaniser and conman who used women before dumping them for the ‘latest flavor’ of the month.

She claimed that he was a Casanova with a wondering eye and that he is always on the phone texting  other women .

Bev candidly responded that she wasn’t going back on her decision to marry Chambuka and told haters to go hang.

Looks like she is in it for the long haul.

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