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Mnangagwa Buys Wife Earrings and Waist Beads

by reporter263

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa charmed guests during a tour of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo yesterday, when he showed his romantic side by purchasing earrings and some traditional beadwork for First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa.

The First Family was rounding off its tour of the National Gallery when the regional director, Mr Butholezwe Nyathi, showed them the Sabona Sales Gallery, where various artefacts from the Matabeleland region were on sale.

Delegates were left in awe after the First Lady showed her interest in some of the earrings on display, which the President gladly purchased for her, leaving her with an appreciative smile.

He used his personal bank card for the transaction.

It was a rare glimpse of the soft and romantic side to the country’s first citizen.

The PresidentAdvertisementalso purchased a painting by local artist Mr Davison V. Mlotshwa named “The Lion in the Wilderness” — which depicts a lion standing in between two lionesses — as well as maps of Zimbabwe from 1711.


The artist thanked President Mnangagwa for the honour and support.

During their tour, which preceded the official launch of the National Arts, Culture and Heritage policy document at a local hotel, the First Family were shown various paintings depicting hope and love.

They also took time to appreciate local art and sculpture.

The newly launched policy serves to remind present and future generations of the country’s values and aspirations, and how to foster cohesion. It also recognises the country’s cultural diversity.

-The Herald

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