Mnangagwa Says Only Final Year Students To Return To Class In 2020

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Only final year students in Zimbabwean schools will be allowed to return to class in 2020, the country’s President said in a broadcast. 

Emerson Mnangagwa also extended working hours for manufacturers, supermarkets and banks from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.

He however, failed to indicate when the pupils will be allowed to return to school.

“Zimbabwe will… continue on the level two lockdown for an indefinite period. The country needs to ease out of the lockdown in a strategic and gradual manner,” President Mnangagwa was quoted as saying by Reuters. 

The President said government will consult health specialists on how informal markets can be safely reopened.

He further added that hundreds of Zimbabwean migrants returning home every week, mainly from South Africa and Botswana, will undergo a 21-day quarantine in school and college buildings designated for the purpose.

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