Mnangagwa US$9000 Flight From Harare to Banket Explained

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent trip to Banket for a clean-up campaign angered Zimbabweans after it emerged that he used a helicopter for a 120 mile round trip.

True Cost Of Mnangagwa’s Air Trip :

The distance between Harare and Banket is about 93.8km which is approximately 60 miles (Road miles ) and in a country where people seems to be struggling financially , he could have used his motorcade instead of a helicopter.

Since the Helicopter can fly in a straight line so its (1 Air Mile = 1.5 Road Miles) keeping it to 40 miles from Harare to Banket.
A Helicopter Costs about 7 miles per gallon (1 Gallon = 4.54 litres) = 1.54 miles per litre.
To Cover 40 Miles, it needs 26 litres of Fuel. (40 / 1.54)
Cost of Jet Fuel as of 2020 = US$155.50 per litre.
So, From Harare State House to Banket it costs = 26 litres x 155.50= US$4043
Distance a 93.8 km (Air miles) will cost Cost = US$43.10 per Kilometre.

So for a return trip, it will cost US$8086 for fuel only. These costs exclude the security , operational and the environmental impact .

What is Mnangagwa’s Alternative?

Mnangagwa could have travelled by road for this return trip. His presidential motorcade is typically about 50 cars with an air rescue helicopter on stand by for his security. These costs summed up can actually cost more to travel by motorcade than air which is safe and efficient as compared to using 50 cars and block the roads for the protocol. See Mnangagwa’s motocade below:

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