Chinotimba asks why Parliament is debating bond notes when they are already in circulation

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Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba told Parliament not to waste time by discussing a currency that was already in circulation.

“We should just make sure the bill ion bond notes sails through so that our constituents visit their rural areas with cash,” he said in his contribution to the debate on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill.

Full contribution:

*HON. CHINOTIMBA: Mr. Speaker, I am not going to say much. I have stood up to thank the Hon. Minister. That thing called bond note was introduced late, we are debating on a currency which is already in circulation.  People are already banking using the bond notes and they are so excited.  Instead, they do not understand what we are doing here discussing about the bond note.  As Members of Parliament, we should just make sure the Bill on bond notes sails through so that our constituents visit their rural areas with cash.  We should not continue to discuss the currency that is already in circulation because the bond note and the bond coin is just the same – [Laughter.] – so, I do not see any need to discuss this.

We need to ask Hon. Chinamasa how it is possible for someone who is penniless to be given a 5% incentive after exporting.  What is the reason for that?  It is supposed to be one dollar to one dollar.  If one is owed a dollar, they should be given that dollar.  This issue of a 5% incentive is not what we want, this should be scrapped.  Where are you getting that money? – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – Excuse me, where is the money coming from?  We are saying, those who would have exported should just be given the amount of money equivalent to the value of their exports.  I stood up to support this Bill and I therefore ask Hon. Chinamasa to move for the passing of this Bill.  I thank you.