Open Letter To Vice President Mnangagwa

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Dear Mr Vice President


You have been for the most part a loyal servant of the ZANU PF party and have known no other party. The party is in your DNA and in your blood and you have known no other home.


Watching you and your wife being the subject of ridicule at the party interface rallies has been an uncomfortable spectacle. They may well have called them roast the crocodile fests for that is what they surely seem to be.


Many have wondered as have I, what you strategy is in dealing with this onslaught from your adversaries. Some have postulated that like your moniker Ngwena you are a man who waits silently like the proverbial crocodile in still waters waiting for your time to pounce. Others believe you prefer to air your grievances away from the public eye.


Whatever the case may be the glaringly obvious reality on display today was how isolated you are. Sat   a seat to the right of your superior as you have done for all rallies seemed quite ironic. I am sure it must have been humiliating to have Chipanga wedged between you and HE.


Your allies continue to be purged the latest being  Goba, Wadyajena without a whimper from you, something Jonathan Moyo took umbrage with form the Tsholothso debacle where he believes you hung him out to dry.


Perhaps you still have hope that fate will intervene and there is a slim chance that you will get to the promised land. As a lawyer and recent justice minister you may perhaps believe that your salvation lies in the demise of you predecessor upon which interns of the provision of the constitution as the last acting president you will automatically ascent to power and be in control of events leading to elections to choose a successor.


The incumbent isn’t going anywhere fast and he will be with us for sometime yet. Your die seems to to be cast or as some would say your goose is truly cooked. I am sure you must reflect on how Joyce Mujuru, or Mutasa must have felt when the same fate befell them.


If you are not prepared to challenge for the leadership as you believe you are entitled to then please do the honourable thing and resign with whatever is left of your dignity. Let not the fear of the cold outside the party frighten you. As your former erstwhile colleague has shown there is life outside of the bosom of the revolutionary party.




Cory Hwanda