CABINET FILES: Got tired of defending that sell-out, Cdes

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COMRADES, this week I was forced to take drastic action after I got tired of defending this sell-out that I had for my Vice President over the past three years.
Being a loyal servant of the people, I had no choice but to do as my masters ordered me… they clearly asked me to dismiss him from the VP’s position to which I had appointed him in the hope that he would be grateful and amend his wayward ways. There was no way I could defy that order. Besides, I was already fed up with his incompetence and lack of probity in matters related to his duties and responsibilities. I have never seen such an incompetent person in all my life! I even have serious doubts about his qualifications as a lawyer because his understanding of basic law is dangerously shallow.
He was asked by the people to be my assistant ― my typist to be precise ― at the Chimoio conference of 1977, and since then he started taking advantage of his position to interact with all the Rhodies that wanted to meet me first as the Prime Minister, and later as the President, of the country. In this capacity, I am aware that he has acted as a front for many whites and it is this Rhodie element that he has been promising a return of “their” land once he came to power and it is because of this promise of the moon that they have been clandestinely supporting his treasonous actions.
Treason was made a capital crime for a reason! Only last week, I indicated that the death penalty should be restored… there are some people for which this penalty was naturally meant. Sometimes I actually regret that the Smith regime did not get rid of this problem for us.
Being a sell-out that he has proven to be, there could be an element of truth in the stories that I heard during the war days that he could have sold out his comrades and was put in Rhodesian jails, not as a prisoner, but as a spy, before he was “deported” to Zambia in the same capacity… later joining us in Mozambique for him to continue feeding his handlers with vital information about our activities. I am sure he continued in this role until now.
You all know that the Rhodesian regime ― being an illegality itself ― had no time for matters of legal hygiene, especially when it comes to dealing with armed insurgents caught in action inside the country… yet there is this bizarre story about someone being spared the gallows because they were under-age!
When I was told of these stories, I used to think these were fabrications by his political enemies and others who were jealous of him, but in hindsight, I am beginning to see that there is a solid ring of truth on them.
The way he used to get along with Ken Flower and other Rhodesian spies back then, I could see that these were old colleagues that were meeting again. I decided to give him the benefit of doubt… a long rope to hang himself with, which he has eventually done by dismissing himself after the people discovered him for what he really is and demanded that I get rid of him.
When I visited his home to pay my condolences for his late wife, I walked away from the funeral wake after discovering that the majority of the people at the funeral were white Rhodies… and intelligence reports indicated that our airport was jammed with private jets as these Rhodies jetted in to join the stampede to comfort one of their own. This was at a time when our land reform programme was just starting… and true to his word… he managed to keep most white farms in the Midlands province virtually untouched by our land reform programme. This is an anomaly that we will soon be correcting!
He was in constant touch with Morgan and his handlers where they were planning another GNU of their own after his unconstitutional take-over of power. We have been aware of all that.
Even this command agriculture nonsense that we are told was a huge success, we need to do an audit to see exactly what was going on behind the scenes… I have known that boy for long enough to know that he is not a person who does anything for public good. Never, ever!
What has happened only goes to show that no one is bigger than the party… that no one is indispensable. In whatever you do, Cdes, let it not escape your mind that the people and the party come first. Do not say you were not warned if the same fate befalls you.

Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely




At the rate at which things are going good, Dr CZ may soon re-join ZANU-PF, the party from which he dismissed himself in June 1982 thoroughly disgusted at the way things were going badly in that party. A good 35-years down the line, developments in that party point to a bright future as they are showing that the country is now just one short step from reaching the liberation for which tens of thousands of the gallant sons and daughters of the country died. We only wish these developments had started taking place much earlier.
Over the past few weeks, Dr CZ has been boldly referring to now thankfully former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa as the out-going VP… and many thought this was stretching mischief too far. Where are we today?
For a long time now, we were told by some Zimbos that in the unlikely event that ED is dismissed from the VP’s post, there would be war in this country, as Dr CZ wrote this instalment, it was business as usual in Zimbabwe more than 48 hours after the so-called Ngwena had been dismissed.
That is what happens with all people who are over-rated… there are people who have believed the myth that owls have horns… a case of being scared stiff of a night without any hyenas. That truth has finally come out. And Zimbos still can’t believe it; they have instead chosen to think that they are dreaming.
The reality about all human beings is that most of them create myths and hide behind them, and there are people who are so gullible as to believe these folklores.
This week’s welcome dismissal of Mnangagwa from government is one of the best pieces of news that Zimbos have had in a very long time. It gives hope to those who were being tempted into believing that indeed this cult would be there until the Second Coming. All things come to an end. However, this only happens at God’s own appointed time. The moment people realise this reality, they will learn to live happily like Dr CZ, being patient and not despairing easily, knowing full well that everything shall be well in the fullness of time.
God belongs to us all. It would surely have been a brutal injustice on the part of God and the gods had Mnangagwa’s moment of reckoning not come in his lifetime. It possibly explains why he survived what he claimed was sure poisoning nearly three months ago… he was made to return from the dead so that he would have a feel and taste of the purgatory that he and his colleagues have made of the country they purportedly liberated. It would have been very unfair for him just to die thinking what he was leaving behind is the very best of the best. Of late, he was regularly at the United Human Rights Commission where he used to waffle about things that did not exist in this country… like freedom, human rights, rule of law, justice et al.
While Mnangagwa’s ignominious end is certainly well deserved, as to the Spaniards say to every pig comes his Martinmas, the sad reality is that he may not experience this hell for nearly four decades, like most Zimbos have endured.
If anything, what he is going through at the hands of his former colleagues is actually nothing compared to what he actually deserves for his role in the cult that has made the people of Zimbabwe suffer.
The reported move by the owners of the country to stop him from leaving the country is commendable… he should not go anywhere… he needs to share with Zimbos the air that he actively helped fouling.

President Robert Mugabe l

President Robert Mugabe

Now the mystery about the seven break-ins into former vice president Mnangagwa’s office is beginning to unravel and making sense… a whole lot of it! Whatever was extracted from those break-ins could certainly have informed the final decision to ensure that decision that was made this week was taken without any regrets.
Too bad!
With Mnangagwa having finally been dismissed just over 10 months after the treasonous “I AM THE BOSS” mug message, but officially for “consistently and persistently exhibiting traits of disloyalty, disrespect, deceitfulness and unreliability” as well as having “little probity in the execution of his duties,” a fan of Dr CZ thinks that the fact that it takes a purported leader that long to discover his subordinate’s weaknesses says something about their own competence. The unpatriotic fan now wonders how long it will take them to discover that there are no leadership qualities whatsoever in them.
Well, Dr CZ is still a patriot ― the only ISO-certified one for that matter!
With this dismissal, all of a sudden, someone is left stranded with a whole wardrobe full of clothes with someone’s face… the pain is certainly too much to bear. The problem is that the clothes cannot be burnt nor can they be thrown away because this is sure treason. The good thing is that there are many who have trudged this path before… Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Christopher Mutsvangwa, Temba Mliswa… the list is endless. The best these “victims” can do is to form a support group and invite Dr CZ to regularly address them on how to cope with a tragic situation as bad as this one… a group therapy sort of thing.
O-oh finish!
Meanwhile, reports reaching Dr CZ were that one Godfrey Majonga was seen entering Harare Central Police station this week. For now Dr CZ’s trusty sources could not establish what could have been the nature of his business there.
A fan of Dr CZ is disappointed that this self-dismissal has taken place when Luscious Chitsinde is no longer the notorious chief Negomo otherwise this mischief having taken place as it did in Harare, ED would naturally have been summonsed to the self-styled chief’s court to answer serious charges of dismissing himself in the sacred months of the goat!-CZ