Grace Mugabe’s First Husband Tears Into Nelson Chamisa

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Nelson Chamisa is about to have a hoarse voice and damaged vocal chords, shouting that Mnangagwa is unelected and therefore illegal and illegitimate.

By Stanley Goreraza

I have never heard how many votes the young man got to be Vice President of the Mdc, has anyone? And who did he beat, by what margin, even before that , who nominated him? Did he not lose at Congress? Then if he lost, how did he become VicePresident, legally?

Chamisa was illegally handpicked by one man who then had 12 people rubber stamp his decision to unilaterally appoint him to a constitutionally absent position. The real Vice President of the Mdc was constitutionally appointed at Congress and that position was one.Now who is illegitimate? Who wasn’t chosen by the people?

Even if it was some succession plan, are potential successors handpicked by one man? Isn’t that unethical and undemocratic and usurping the powers of Congress as the ultimate decider of succession?