You Can Oppose Mnangagwa But Still Love Zimbabwe!

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Suddenly there are folks who think they love Zimbabwe more than others simply because they believe cheer-leading and bench-stomping will propel the country forward. You do not force unity. You do not force homogeneity. ZANU PF ruled Zimbabwe unopposed for 20 years and in those years we were perennially on the down.

By Freeman Chari

You see Mnangagwa meeting the so-called investors, they are the same people whom we forcibly disenfranchised 51% of equity without fair compensation. What had gotten into this party? That madness is inherent and they are going to continue to make the same stupid decisions, havadzoreke.

For your information ZIDERA does not preclude Zimbabwe from accessing private capital, Chinamasa used to have these meetings when he comes to IMF. Why have we fared badly on this? It is precisely because of the knee-jerk, plumber approach to economics.

We don’t need unity nor homogeneity for Zimbabwe to progress and develop. We need honesty. We need to evaluate ourselves and other people to their true worth. The basis of capitalism which we are surely trying to propel is that every human being desires recognition and the point we are is that we have Masters and Slaves. Right now the Masters are trying to compel the Slave to abdicate his birthright to resistance yet that is the only other way for him to be human again.

This struggle is between the desire of the slave to be human vs the imperial desire for dominance by the masters of darkness. Like I always say, the desire for freedom in the long run is more important than the desire for a full stomach, that is why as calculating humans we fought the liberation struggle even though GMB was full of maize.


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