Prophet Walter Masocha Steps Down As Leader Of Agape Church After Allegedly Confessing To Sleeping With His Married Daughter

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I Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho, can reveal today on Christmas day 2018 that ‘Prophet’ Walter Masocha has stepped down as leader of Agape For All Nations Ministries International after he allegedly confessed to having sex with his married daughter.

This comes after the daughter’s husband is reported to have found explicit messages and nude pictures that his wife had been allegedly sending to her own father Walter Masocha. The husband is reported to have taken his wife’s phone with all the evidence to her mother Judith Masocha, who confronted her husband ‘the prophet’, and he admitted to sleeping with their married daughter. Judith is reported to be divorcing Walter Masocha after the shameful revelations which have left the Agape members in shock and disbelief. All this is supposed to have kicked off on Christmas Eve.

The  Prophet’s married daughter was allegedly sleeping with her Daddy Walter Masocha

The church of Agape Leader (Commissioner) Francis Aturia released a statement on behalf of the church. Well this comes just a few months after my Boaz confronted him in the street of Milton Keynes and told him that his Spiritual Father Walter Masocha was going down very soon.  I know Francis Aturia thought of my husband’s words as he penned down this pitiful statement of Masocha’s fall.

“Sadly, as a result, we would like to inform you all that Dr.Walter Masocha has with immediate effect taken leave of absence in order to deal with a serious moral fall which he has informed his family, the Board of Trustees and the Commissioners. He is broken hearted and distraught at the result of the misdemeanours  and feels that he is not fit to continue as Spiritual Leader of Agape. This has come as a significant shock and blow to Dr. Judith and the family, and no doubt to many Agape children and other people worldwide. A full investigation will be conducted in due time, and the appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken.
Many on hearing  this will be deeply shocked and disturbed by such a disappointing revelation. We implore you to remember most especially, his gracious wife, Dr Judith and consider a Christ like response to all who are involved at every level of the church family. We would like to kindly ask you to remember him and his family in your prayers. In view of the fact that he is on leave from his official role, we would like to ask you all at this time to avoid contacting him. We also urge you to avoid contacting Dr. Judith and the family in respect of their privacy at this difficult time.  
At this time, we encourage prayer fuelled with loving action to support one another and keep our focus on our Lord Jesus Christ who by His Holy Spirit is the only one that will enable the current tragedy to be worked out ultimately for His own glory somehow, sometime.”
Judith Masocha now divorcing Walter Masocha


Judith and Walter earlier this year at a church event.

Oh well, what can I say? I always knew this day was coming. In 2015 I stood before Scotland Sherrif Court and told the Jury that Walter Masocha was not a man of God, but was a paedophile and women abuser. The Jury believed me, and found the evil monster guilty of sex abuse and he was put on the sex offender register for molesting a 16-year-old girl who had been brave enough to testify. However a year later, Masocha was allowed to appeal his conviction and was cleared in the highest court in Scotland, without any reason or evidence whatsoever that he was innocent. His victims were never given a chance to question the appeal or testify, the Judge just squashed Masocha’s convictions just like that and allowed him to go back into the community.

The Agape church members celebrated this as a victory, mocking and tormenting me, calling me a witch and a liar. But it wasn’t just Agape church members who celebrated Masocha’s appeal victory, my ‘mother’ Miriam Matambanadzo celebrated Masocha’s victory the most.

And it wasn’t just my ‘mother’ who accused me of always playing victim and lying, Zimbabweans at large slandered my name on Facebook, especially Social Media celebrities Mike Tashaya, Bren Mupa and many others who ganged up on me and attacked me because of Walter Masocha.

Well, today I have been vindicated not just against Masocha but against my former mother Miriam Matambanadzo who fought me hard when I was fighting for justice. She came to Scotland with me for the trial, but she would break me into pieces each morning I was going in court. On the last day of the trail, I looked her in the eye and told her that I would win the case because God was with me even though she wasn’t. The day Walter Masocha was found guilty, my ‘mother’ was so angry with me she swore at me and cut the phone on me and I never spoke to her for over a year after that.

I have also been vindicated against Zimbabweans who hated me for speaking up about the evils of Walter Masocha. I have been vindicated against the Musuka Family, especially my ex-husband Shingai Musuka and his mother Febbie, my ex-sisters-in-law Patience Musuka and Gertrude Musuka, they did me and my children much harm on behalf of Walter Masocha.

My ex-husband’s sister Gertrude Musuka in pink and black at a recent Agape event.
My ex-husband’s sister Patience Musuka in green at a recent Agape Event

My ex-husband’s sisters went as far as trying to take my children from me because of Walter Masocha.

There were times I thought life was not worth living anymore, but my children kept me going.

When my Boaz came into my life, he told me that it was just a matter of time before Walter Masocha showed his true colours to the world.

Well, today on Christmas Day,  Walter Masocha has his long tail between his legs. He could not even keep away from the girl he raised as his own daughter. The daughter of his own wife. Even when he had married her off, he still wanted to keep sleeping with her! I pity the girl children in his church, he tells the mothers to inform him when any girl child in his church starts menstruating. Most of the minors who reported him to the police were forced by their parents to drop the charges.

Pervert Walter Masocha has stepped down from leading Agape

At least this time Walter Masocha admitted to his own perversion. Yes, he is sick in the head, and so are his followers, all of them.

Oh the shame of it all. I said the shame of it all! All My accusers, were are you today?

More, and a lot more is yet to come…

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