Patson Dzamara consoles Jonathan Moyo… reminds him of Dzamara jibes

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By Patson Dzamara

I have never met Professor Jonathan Moyo but my subjective position is that he is one of the most shrewd and cunning politicians Zimbabwe has ever produced, every other thing being constant.

I learnt with sadness about the death of Moyo’s daughter yesterday and I do commiserate with him and his entire family.

It is quite unfortunate that a few months ago, Moyo actually made fun of Itai’s disappearance. He stated that the disappearance was fake and that Itai Dzamara is hiding in Botswana or Tsvangirai’s house.

Moyo’s sentiments irked me because I knew and still know they were not only irresponsible but untrue. I know that Itai’s disappearance has everything to do with the political party Moyo belongs to, ZANU PF and or state security agents which are directly under the auspices of the ZANU PF led government.

What they have done to him and how they did it remains a mystery to us but we know the truth will come out one day, infact soon.

However and inspite of that, I commiserate with Moyo’s family. I know what they are going through although they at least have some sort of closure. They have the body.

In our case, whatever happened to Itai, there is no closure to talk about. Everyday we grapple to answer a myriad of questions rubbed into our faces as a result of his disappearance.

‘Leaders’ like Prof. Moyo must help us to locate the truth for the sake of closure. If they can utter such irresponsible and inconsiderate statements, they surely can help us locate the truth. We also need closure.