Pastor Mboro declares ‘Zodwa wabantu ’s farts are anointed

Controversial South African pastor Mboro, who once claimed to have gone to heaven and taken selfies with God, has once again made a bizarre prophecy after claiming that Zodwa WaBantu’s fa_rts are anointed and whoever breathes them would have countless blessings.
Speaking at his church, Pastor Mboro, real name Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng, said he had a dream and he was told that Zodwa WaBantu was chosen and how her f@_rts are anointed by the holy spirit. Mboro was heard saying “Zodwa is being persecuted by everyone right now because of her talent. She has anointed powers in her b _um. That is why she doesn’t wear pa_nt!3s. Its because pan_t!3s will restrict her from releasing the anointing”.
The news saw large crowds converging to the club where Zodwa was having a good time. A table had to be set for the star to stand on and ‘anoint’ the crowds. Many people who were anointed said they felt lighter and believe Zodwa has delivered them from their troubles.
One man who received the anointing said he had struggled to get a job since he was retrenched at the beginning of this year and now he was hopeful he would be getting a job anytime soon.
Source : online