Bodyguard dumps Mangoma over wages

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Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe president, Mr Elton Steers Mangoma’s bodyguard, has reportedly dumped the former Energy and Power Development Minister for failing to pay him $400 monthly salary for the past six months. The bodyguard, Mr Nelson Mukwena (34) of Highfield, ditched Mr Mangoma last Friday, alleging that his former boss owed him $2 400 in salary arrears.

Elton Mangoma

Elton Mangoma

“I resigned and told him verbally that I cannot continue to be his bodyguard since he is failing to pay my salary. He owes me a total of $2 400. Instead of paying me in full, he has been giving me $100 per month and that is the reason why I decided to part ways with him,” he said.

Mr Mukwena alleged that several people within the party were also resigning since Mr Mangoma had been pocketing all the money received from German donors. He confessed that Mr Mangoma was behind the acts of banditry that rocked Chisumbanje ethanol project recently.

“He was behind all the cases,” said Mr Mukwena.

In an interview Mr Mangoma said Mr Mukwena was bitter since he was suspended from the party for beating up a senior party member. “He was suspended from the party and was served with a letter of suspension. He is just someone who is frustrated and bitter so that is why he is coming up with all these sorts of allegations. We are not a malicious party, we are a principled party,” he said.

In October police launched a manhunt for a band of thugs operating in the Chinyamukwakwa area of Chisumbanje in Chipinge, that was committing acts of banditry against the Chisumbanje ethanol project, Green Fuel, under the guise of being landless villagers.

The gang was allegedly being led by Mr Mangoma and an activist Mr Claris Madhuku. In the spate of attacks, the gang targeted Green Fuel employees, community irrigation infrastructure and agricultural machinery.

Police confirmed the violence that broke out on September 12 after Mr Mangoma told his supporters to reclaim land he claimed was taken over by Green Fuel. In August, Mr Mangoma’s three bodyguards appeared in court for allegedly assaulting an MDC-Renewal Team activist, Mr Tevera who accused their leader of snatching his wife.

Mukwena , Rekai Toto (29) and Pardon Maingehama (36) appeared before Harare magistrate, Ms Blessing Murwisi, charged with assault.