Zanu Pf Succession Wars: Mugabe, Securocrats give nod to Mnangagwa takeover leaving G40 detractors stranded

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  • Mugabe was unwell last week but not as serious
  • Mugabe has no history of heart problems
  • Mnangagwa summoned to meet with Mugabe in Dubai following disturbances in Chitungwiza
  • Worried Securocrats openly endorsed Mnangagwa, saying Mphoko is not fit at to handle the current Zimbabwe problems
  • Power should be given to Mnangagwa
  • Mugabe is still on his vacation in Dubai


by TZN Correspondent

President Robert Mugabe last week handed over acting presidency  embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who pledged  his loyalty to him  following a meeting held in Dubai , with security services fully endorsing the appointment , can reveal.

A source close to the  establishment told theZimbabwenewslive that , President Mugabe had a minor illness associated with old age but it was not a heart attack as some media has reported.

“He is very fine don’t buy those lies”, the source said.

There were  clashes that rocked Chitungwiza last week, when over 100 commuter omnibus crews stormed council offices in protest over what they deemed exorbitant permit fee charges, but were repelled by a group of suspected Zanu PF youths “hired” by the local authority.

As a result, the source added, it was then that the security service chiefs  recommended that Mnangagwa take over presidency from Mphoko fearing he could not handle the situation should the unrest escalates to other parts of the country.

Mugabe then allegedly  sought private audience with Mnangagwa  in Dubai ,where he is on his vacation.  Both affirmed loyalty  and to curry favour with each other.

Last year , Law expert Dr Alex Magaisa wrote on the constitution, explaining what the Acting presidency role means in the context of Zimbabwe politics and the age and heath circumstances of the President. It is vitally important in regard to succession politics. Why?

“S. 14(4)(a) of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, which governs what  happens at succession when the President dies, resigns or is removed from office, provides that should any of this happen, it is the Vice President who was last nominated as Acting President who assumes the Presidency for a temporary period of up to 3 months while the ruling party is selecting the permanent replacement.

All this means, that whenever a Vice President is appointed Acting President, that temporary position carries far more weight and meaning for the future of the country, than in ordinary circumstances. And so far, it seems the man trusted to hold that role is VP Mnangagwa”, said Magaisa.

Mnangagwa, who is identified with a Zanu PF faction doing battle with the party’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 in the former liberation movement’s ugly succession war, is a powerful former security chief and for decades one of Mugabe’s closest aides, stands in line to succeed Mugabe in the event of his death.