Axed ruling party official claims Zimbabwe government is full of homosexuals

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Former Zanu PF party provincial chairman says Robert Mugabe doesn’t really mean the extreme things he says about the LGBTI community and that many within the party are themselves gay

A former Zimbabwean ruling party official who was axed over his role in an alleged attempted coup against President Robert Mugabe has claimed that the African leader has no problem working with people who are gay and that his extreme public statements about LGBTI people are just designed to stir up the masses.

Ex-Zanu PF provincial chairman Temba Mliswa made the comments to a press conference on Monday in Harare in which he called on Mugabe to embrace LGBTI rights and cease his false outrage towards them.

‘I am not against homosexuality, but our own President must not lie to the world and castigate those who [are]homosexuals,’ Mliswa told the press conference.

‘Who does not know that the late Vice President Canaan Banana was gay and there is evidence most Zanu PF cadres are homosexuals,’ Mliswa claimed.

‘I have evidence and can prove it if they want me to confirm my allegations, so why does Zanu PF not openly embrace homosexuality?’

President Mugabe famously said in 1995 that homosexuals are ‘worse than dogs and pigs’ and has continued to target the LGBTI community in Zimbabwe with his vitriol ever since – included repeated threats to launch crackdowns on gays and lesbians in the country.