Pics:Itai Dzamara’s kids flowers’ gift send anti-riot police packing

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Stan Zvorwadza led Itai Dzamara’s kids to give anti-riot police flowerszvorwadzapolicedzamarapolice1

I want to thank all those who came through to commemorate Itai Dzamara’s abduction with us.

It’s now 17 months since ZANU PF through the military intelligence stole Itai Dzamara from his family.

Today we did something unique. I teamed up with my brother Sten Zvorwadza and we allowed our young children to join us. The children led us in a procession to deliver flowers and cakes to the heavily armed police.

We wanted the police to help us celebrate Itai Dzamara’s birthday. We also wanted to tell and show the police that we love them despite their inclination towards brutality against us.

It is unfortunate that we have become accustomed to police brutality and that has to stop. We told the police that we love them and they must not be brutal.

About 50 young kids including Itai Dzamara’s two kids, led us as we sought to present flowers and cakes to the police. Unfortunately, the police refused to receive the gifts from the kids.

Thankfully, they didn’t react in an irresponsible manner as usual. If they cannot hear us, they will hear the kids.

We are all Zimbabweans and we must let love lead the way for us. Love is what will usher us into the new Zimbabwe.

We love our nation too much to watch it being dragged into a bottomless pit. We love each other too much to harm one another.

Indeed, a new Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. A Zimbabwe in which love and unity shall be the order of the day.

Dr P.Dzamara