MDC-T CLAIMS |We could be in government earlier than 2018!

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The Movement for Democratic Change says it is poised to form the next government in 2018, “if not even earlier”, but it did not spell how it could be in government before 2018 when general elections are due.morgan-tsvangirai-outstretched-hand

In a statement yesterday in which it acknowledged Themba Mliswa’s victory in Norton but insisted that the elections were not free and fair, the MDC-T said it wanted to reassure “the suffering and toiling masses of Zimbabwe that we are now approaching the end game.

“We are the government–in-waiting and of course, we are poised to form the new political dispensation that will be governing the nation in 2018 if not even earlier.

“The charismatic and indefatigable Morgan Tsvangirai, continues to guide us with his usual wisdom and vision as we enter the homestretch.”

The party said that as seasoned and experienced campaigners for peaceful, democratic change, the MDC will never, ever sit on its laurels and believe that the electoral playing field is now even simply because Temba Mliswa won the Norton by–election.

“Far from it. If anything, we have decided to up the ante and ensure that our fight for the adoption of electoral reforms goes a gear up,” it said.

“We are dealing with a morbidly recalcitrant and stubborn dictatorship in the form of the Robert Mugabe led ZANU-PF regime. This is a dictatorship that will stop at nothing to make sure that it remains in power so that they can continue to loot and cannibalise the little that is now left of our national economy…..

“It is, of course, apparent that the ZANU-PF regime has been rocked to the very core by their humiliating defeat in the Norton by–election. As such, we expect the regime to sharpen its tools of oppression and suppression against all organisations that are peacefully and lawfully fighting for the establishment of a democratic dispensation in our motherland.”