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Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Why Grace Mugabe uses this picture to haunt VP Mnangagwa

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FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe who counts VP Mnangagwa as  her political foe is believed to be holding key information that could derail his dreams of succeeding president Mugabe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa caused debilitating life injuries to rising television star Godfrey Majonga, ending his broadcasting career.

Majonga is now Deputy Director of Danhiko Project which Grace is the Patron.

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe assists Deputy Director of Danhiko Project Mr Godfrey Majonga during Danhiko Paralympic Games

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe assists Deputy Director of Danhiko Project Mr Godfrey Majonga during Danhiko Paralympic Games

Grace’s image with Majonga has sent panic into Mnangagwa’s Lacoste camp as to what information she holds and when she will offload it.

“It’s obvious , that image is serving a purpose. She is emotionally blackmailing the VP because of rumours”, said a source close to Mnangagwa camp.

War veteran and former ZBC employee Milner Chaka told Now Daily’s undercover reporter exclusively that Mnangagwa and Majonga clashed over the late television news anchor Tsitsi Vera. Vera’s family now blames Mnangagwa for the incident, which plunged her into alcoholism, drug abuse and wild sexual behaviour, which resulted in her premature death from AIDS.
Chaka was with Majonga on the night in 1987 when the incident happened.
According to Chaka, Majonga and he visited Vera at her apartment in Avondale. Apparently the married Majonga was having an adulterous affair with Vera.
As the pair were meeting Vera, Mnangagwa suddenly appeared.
Narrating the ordeal, Chaka said Mnangagwa immediately flew into a rage. The then feared state security minister, now justice minister, ordered his bodyguards to switch on a stove. When it was red hot, the furious Mnangagwa gave Majonga two choices, either to sit on the hot stove or to jump out of a third floor window. Majonga was thrown out of the flat and landed on hard concrete, breaking his spine and suffering injuries which would confine him to a wheelchair for life.-Online

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  • Grace Jones

    except this like most versions of this story is written from gossip and rumours.
    1. Majonga was not thrown out He jumped after he was given the choice.
    2. Munangagwa was not there
    3. The late V.P. Simon Muzenda had a relationship with Tsitsi Vera not Munangagwa
    4.Munangagwa was only the security minister that does not mean he sent those CIO agents a V.P can.