‘Thief’ Mahofa Humiliated During Zanu PF Meeting

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CHIREDZI – Police had to be called to a Zanu PF inter-district meeting in Chiredzi on Saturday when a group of angry party supporters booed the Minister of State for Masvingo, Shuvai Mahofa and openly called her a thief.

“Mahofa you are a thief, you stole our rice,” chanted the supporters.

The incident saw Mahofa and Darlington Chiwa the MP of the area openly clashing and Mahofa indirectly accusing Chiwa of inciting the crowd.

Chiwa responded angrily and told the meeting that he did not own anyone in Zanu PF. He said the people belonged to the party.

The meeting had to be stopped for a while as chaos ensued.

It was then that Mahofa turned to the police and ordered that they intervene and take down the names of all those who were shouting at her so that they could be dealt with later.

Mahofa was booed along with the newly re-elected Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo Province, Ezra Chadzamira; Alois Baloyi, Provincial Secretary for Administration; Jivas Masosota a Provincial coordinating committee member and Titus Maluleke a central committee member.

“Mahofa you are a thief, you stole our rice. We don’t want to be led by thieves. We did not invite you why are you here with your delegates, go away,” chanted angry supporters as Masosota was introducing delegates from Masvingo.

“All boys that are standing in that corner come here. All of you who were shouting come here. I don’t care about who paid you to do that, mabva kwaChiwa kaimi (you all came from Chiwa’s area)?

“Security collect their names so that we deal with them later. I am advised that they come from Chiwa’s Constituency,” thundered Mahofa.

Several speakers who took it to the podium including Baloyi, Masosoti, Chadzamira, war veterans among others attacked Chiwa for the chaos but they avoided mentioning his name directly.

Despite being cautioned the supporters continued with their insults forcing war veterans who were present to declare war on the rude supporters.

“Why do you go on to make accusations against me before I am even introduced at this meeting? I don’t own people, these are Zanu PF supporters from Chiredzi. Why are you saying these people are from my constituency,” fumed an angry Chiwa in front of Mahofa.

Chiwa hit at Chadzamira during an interview with The Mirror.

“It is Chadzamira who is setting parallel structures here in Chiredzi yet they accuse me. They are saying they gave us 2 000 tonnes of rice yet they gave us 1 000 tonnes only,” said a visibly angry Chiwa.

Chiwa is believed to be a G40 supporter while Chadzamira, Baloyi  and Mahofa are linked to Lacoste.

Masvingo Mirror