Cde Chinx Declared Provincial Hero, Angry Family Demands Politburo Report..Minister Chased Away

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In a bizarre and painful  wait, there was drama at the late singer Cde Chinx ‘s Harare residence after a delegation sent to deliver a message to the family by the government was chased away.

The is reliably informed that War Veterans Minster  Colonel  Tshinga Dube, Dick Dzora and Brig Gen Tapfumanei were sent back packing after they had been sent to declare the late Dickson Chingaira a provincial hero not national hero.

Furious mourners who have been waiting for a government decision since Friday were told to go back and ask President Mugabe if that’s what he agrees with and wanted to know who in politburo was consulted. The family is reported to have asked for a Politburo report

Zanu PF director of administration Dickson Dzora has confirmed the development, saying the family had appealed to the Zanu PF politburo to review its decision.

“It is true that the family has rejected the provincial hero status. They have appealed to the politburo and the matter is now going to be discussed in the meeting,” Dzora said.

They promised to come back tomorrow(Wednesday).