Bob Mugabe crushes wife Grace’s hopes for the presidency

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It would seem as if (dis)Grace Mugabe’s dreams of becoming Mrs president are all but gone, following reports that her husband Batty Bob was warned to reign her in or face violent uprisings throughout Zimbabwe.


A report released by Actions for South Africa (Actsa) shows that Zimbabwe’s intelligence chief Happyton Bonongwe warned Mugabe that forces within the country’s military would rise up should Grace take over as state president.

Bonongwe warned that the ruling ZANU PF should make a point of mending fences with the disillusioned military veterans of the independence war, who renounced Bob in 2016 saying he’s run the country into the ground. True to form, Grace lashed out at the veterans, but Bob has had to try and smooth things over to avoid revolt.

“Control of the military and the security apparatus is a key factor in deciding who holds the reins politically,” Showers Mawowa, deputy director of the Southern African Liaison Office, told Bloomberg.