Poverty Stricken Former Zanu PF Heavyweight Didymus Mutasa Granted Access To President Mugabe

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The once colourful former Minister of State Security and  Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Mr Didymus Mutasa who was sacked in 2014 for plotting against  the party leadership is free to meet President Robert Mugabe, George Charamba has said.

Didymus Mutasa

Didymus Mutasa

Mutasa 82, decided last week that he wants to meet the nonagenarian leader following media reports that he had hit hard times, failing to pay for his electricity bills and school fees for his children.

We have been following reports on Mutasa, particular claims of his present condition which suggests hard times,” said Mr Charamba.

“Of particular note has been his wish to meet with the President. I want to indicate to  Mutasa – he does not have to beat about the bush if it is the wish and desire to reconnect with the President. He must do so straight forwardly and without putting on a politically brave face.

“He knows the President’s character and personality and much more importantly he knows the President’s light heartedness and besides he is appreciated as a person who made a significant contribution to the struggle to the extent that whatever misjudgements might have overtaken him cannot take away from that contribution.

“We are also aware that  Mutasa reached out to Vice President Mnangagwa to communicate his wish to meet with the President. The President has no hard feelings and if Mutasa wishes for that contact he needs to remember that the way remains clear for him to.”

Mr Charamba said most people in Zanu-PF were surprised by Mr Mutasa’s decision to join Dr Mujuru’s political project given his then high office in Zanu-PF.