Robert Mugabe savages members of his army

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With political tensions high in Zimbabwe, the military has once again come under the spotlight. This time, for turning violent against police, prompting the President Robert Mugabe to reprimand his army.

Mugabe has publicly denounced some members of the country’s army who went on the rampage last week.

This after the group beat up several police man on the streets.

Speaking at the commemoration of the country’s heroes day, Mugabe called on the army to be more united in maintaining peace and stability within the country.

“Some elements are beginning to get out of control – that incident or incidents, when a few soldiers took to the streets to beat policeman, is regrettable…with the commanders, and I asked that they talk about it and try to prevent its recurrence.”

Mugabe emphasised that the constant clashes between the army and police were compromising civilian safety: “If soldiers and police are at cross purposes and they go for each other, how will they prevent people who are at cross purposes from doing the same, and going for each other.”

Some analysts say both the army and the police have been influential in Mugabe’s stay in power for nearly four decades.

They say the latest incident could be a sign of the disintegration.