Mnangagwa Medical Records Leaked

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Mnangagwa’s medical report

Contrary to what was reported yesterday that Emmerson Mnangagwa had skipped the country it has been confirmed that he is in the country but fell ill due to stress.

A medical report obtained by this publication indicate that  Mnangagwa was seized by acute gastritis and aesophagitis which indicate an inflamation of the alimentary canal probably from acidic erosion. This is a typical condition during stress especially if the victim has had other underlying conditions.

Mnangagwa had just recuperated from a poisoning episode and he had not been in good health since.

Mnangagwa’s allies were yesterday frantically searching for a private plane to airlift him airlift him to South Africa. Initially a friend of his with from the Lowveld had secured a plane for him and had been scheduled to take off from Buffalo Ranch airport. Munangagwa did not show up.

His former allies appear scared of reprisal, thus as of this publication; Munangagwa was still marooned in the country. A request had been made for a military helicopter but the Commander in Chief Robert Mugabe was not available to sign it off.