Jonathan Moyo Dumped Wife and Kids On Mugabe

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Professor Jonathan Moyo dumped his family on former President, Robert Mugabe when he fled the country.

This was revealed by George Charamba who said :“What I know is that he ran away from his family and left his children in the custody of a 93-year-old former President. Remember I was part of the negotiating team. No one issued a death warrant against him.

“He gave a death warrant to his own family. Let’s be aware of a judgment by the Supreme Court of the Zimdef matter. If he has nothing to fear let him come and clear his name in the court of law, not on BBC. That’s not the way to go,” said Charamba.

Meanwhile, MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, Luke Tamborinyoka dismissed as hogwash Prof Moyo’s claims that President Mnangagwa’s visit to the MDC-T leader’s house was to negotiate the delay of elections by three years.

“That is total hogwash. I issued a statement after the meeting on the matters that had been discussed. Certainly, Jonathan Moyo is not Tsvangirai’s spokesperson and cannot speak on his behalf worse about a meeting that he (Prof Moyo) was not part of,” he said.

“I am Tsvangirai’s spokesperson and the communication that I gave after the meeting contains the actual facts on what happened. There is no iota of truth in what Prof Moyo is saying.”

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