Chamisa Brings Gwanda To A Standstill – Pelandaba Too Small

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The MDC juggernaut was in Gwanda today bringing the town to a halt. People rushed out of their shops and flea-markets to catch a glimpse of the Alliance convoy. Exuberant spectators could be heard shouting “Chamisa Chamisa Chamisa!” from the roadway while spontaneous slogans erupted everywhere. As the convoy made its way to Pelandaba stadium a trail of supporters could be seen tailing it with the road carpeted by a sea of red and green.

It took more than an hour for the convoy to make it into Pelandaba as the stadium was already full to the brim. The stadium erupted in song and dance as the sense of anticipation blew off the rafters.

Chamisa then took to the podium and addressed a number of issues. True to its standing as a listening party, MDC provided a translator as Chamisa addressed the crowd in all the 3 languages. It was a refreshing sight for Chamisa to comfortably attempt to address in Ndebele. The crowd indeed appreciated that linguistic dexterity.

He touched on the dilapidated state of Gwanda University pointing out that the university still does not have finished hostels . He also spoke about Mtshabezi bridge’s condemned state and how that has been affecting the people of Gwanda. Chamisa also addressed the issue of devolution reiterating his plans to devolve and decentralize government to all parts of the country.

On Gukurahundi, Chamisa said it was important that the issue be handled transparently and truthfully so that the nation can heal and move forward. He then called the Alliance elders like Welshman Ncube and Baba Mkandla whom he referred to as the wisdom of the party.

“We hear them saying Chamisa is too young, but they don’t know that I have elders who advice me and give me guidance. In MDC the young are made to lead because they have the energy while the elders give us guidance and wisdom. That is not the case in ZANU PF where the pensioners still want to be on the forefront but relegating the young to the dustbins”

Chamisa also thanked the local organizers for a great job and encouaged people to register to vote and to verify their names on the voters’ roll.

The Alliance team heads for  Dulibadzimu stadium in Beitbridge on Saturday.