Live Updates: Grace Mugabe’s Women’s League Rally

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The NewsDay team is at Murombedzi Growth Point where the First Lady Grace Mugabe is addressing supporters at her Women’s League rally.The First Lady is touring the Women’s League ‘s Districts.This is First Lady Grace Mugabe’s second rally this month after she held another in Epworth which was meant to garner support for Epworth constituency’s Zanu PF candidate, Zalerah Makari.The by-elections will be held on September 19 following the death of former Energy minister, Amos Midzi.

By Xolisani Ncube]

13:03: A certain newspaper was paid two million by Mujuru to write bad about me, I accept criticism but it must be constructive criticism. Don’t criticize me because you hate my husband.Time will come when President Mugabe is gone, you will regret and wish that the President was around.”

12:58 : Grace threatens “If you make a mistake I will blow the whistle”

She further attacks Joice Mujuru when she says”When I went to Mashonaland East , the demon that I was talking about is Mai Mujuru. Mujuru thought that Robert Mugabe was going to stop me ,but i have my own weight as a member of Zanu PF.I know that she is a war veteran but that does not mean being a war veteran to make noise.”

12:53 : The Women’s League boss says she did not want to expose Mujuru in public.

12:51: Grace Mugabe says she went to Bindura during her rallies,Former Vice President Joice Mujuru hired people to disrespect her.

12:51: Grace Mugabe now narrates how she beacme the Women’s League Boss

12: 44 The First Lady says “Look at what the whites did to Libya , they killed the president of that country ”
Our economy is down because of sanctions imposed on us..

“But Zanu PF is a party that cares for its people. Whether they like it or not Zanu Pf will continue to rule , Despite prophets of doom saying what they want to say , we are resilient people”

12:42: The First Lady takes a swipe at the whites concerned about Cecil the Lion saying “I don’t like hypocrisy being exhibited by the whites. The whites are more concerened about Cecil the Lion

“For me this dentist was not aware of the importance of Cecil but the people allowed him to come and hunt , they are wrong!”

“I said the dentist who killed the lion must be left alone but the skulls of our ancestors must come back”

“I don’t want to hear demonstrations of Americans over the death of Cecil the Lion but instead they must demonstrate against the sanctions imposed on the people not against the dentist who knew nothing”

12:36: “We must reclaim that seat from MDC, they have nothing to offer you!”

“We hear that some of our people disrespecting our heroes…the dead heroes did not enjoy the freedom that we have.”

12:31: Grace Mugabe says ” This is a function of the women’s League and we appreciate the support we are getting from the Youth League.

Zanu PF is what it is today because of the two wings, Youth and Women’s League.

To us Zanu Pf this month is a very important month because it is when we go to Heroes Acre to honour our war heroes.

We must not forget the history of Zimbabwe and how we gained our independence, so our school children must be told our history. Our colonisers want us to forget our history.”

12:22: Edna Madzongwe has given a long history of the First Lady and the First Lady is now addressing the crowd.

12:13: The President of Senate Edna Madzongwe is introducing the First Lady,for her to address the rally.

12:06: The Murombedzi Stadium is packed to capacity , almost 3 000 supporters have gathered for the rally.

11:53: Currently the people are introducing themselves to the First Lady. Among the slogans that are being chanted here include “Pasi nevanhu vanoti Eva haatongi”

The First Lady Grace Mugabe is dressed in party regalia.


11:32:A number of cabinet ministers are present among the Zanu PF Secretary for Administration and Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo and also Minister of Mines and Mining Development Walter Chidhakwa.

Douglas Mombeshora, Minister of Lands and Rural Development is also present.

MPs from all over the country are also in attendance.