Zaka ‘n’anga’ possessed by white men’s spirit

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A self-proclaimed healer from Zaka is possessed by the spirit of two white men that take charge of him from 1am to 8am nearly every day.
Although he claims to have only gone as far as grade 5, Elias Gwauya is said to speak fluent English and with a deep English accent that one would think a white man is in the house if one just, hears the voice.
The two white men who posses him are only named as Kingdom and Dickson and they are said to have come to Zimbabwe many years ago during the colonial times and then befriended Gwauya’s grant aunt named Murongeni who was a famous traditional healer.
Gwauya (51) from Matare village under Chief Bota has three other spirits that possesses him but these are blacks. They are named as Magumure, Bob and Tendi (believed to be hubby and wife) and Muronjereni.
Chief Bota confirmed the story.
The Mirror had an interview with Gwauya at Jerera Growth Point recently and he said he can treat many ailments including giving prophecies. He also claimed that he treated Aids.
Chief Bota said Gwauya’s homestead is always packed with tens of people seeking treatment.
Apart from treating patients, Gwauya is gaining popularity for establishing prophets in many indigenous churches. He said many people who eventually have powers to prophesy and heal people in their churches come through him.
Explaining how he got possessed with these spirit mediums, Gwauya said he had problems with the issue for sometime but became possessed in November 2015.Zaka n'anga-735990
Gwauya says one of the spirits possessing him belongs to Murongeni who was Gwauya’s grand aunt.
He said Kingdom the whiteman came into the country looking for opportunities to grow tea in Chipinge. He found an estate for the purpose on January 1, 1943 and named it New Year Gift Tea Estate.
His fortunes did not prosper so he went to consult Murongereni who was a famous traditional healer.
Murongereni advised Kingdom to leave his tea growing venture and instead go and look for a job at a mine in South Africa. He was assured that his fortunes would blossom at the mine.
Indeed, Kingdom went to this mine and became its general manager.
Gwauya said Kingdom and his friend Dickson came to Zimbabwe and asked Murongereni to accompany him to South Africa in order for her to see where they were now working.
They went there, but there was a mishap when the two took Murongereni underground and the mine collapsed as they were there and they died.
Last year Murongereni’s spirit possessed Gwauya and she told her relatives how she died in South Africa.
Gwauya who grew up with his step father Chingoma had to relocate to his biological family in Zaka after these signs. He said that at first he was unwilling to be possessed by spirit mediums but he lost his work without a reason and also became blind for two weeks until he accepted to be possessed by Murongereni.
“I was a Zion Christian Church member, so I was not eager to be possessed by spirit mediums.
However, one day when I was attending a church service I started to speak in tongues and I became blind.
“I only regained my sight after I accepted Murongereni’s spirit,” said Gwauya.
He said the spirits of Kingdom, Dickson and the others came soon after he accepted Murongereni.
“I was surprised when I heard my relatives telling me that I become so fluent in English when I get possessed. I am not educated and have no competencies in the English language,” said Gwauya.
Gwauya says if a relative goes to South Africa and does not come back, he can prophesy their cell numbers and give them to relatives so that they can get in touch with their loved ones.
“I incubate some of the Johhanne Masowe Echishanu leaders in order for them to heal and also to be followed. I use herbs called Gurudzo and Mudano for them to attract large numbers,” said Gwauya.