Apostole Chiriseri laid to rest

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Founder of His Presence Ministries International Apostle Charles Chiriseri who died in a car crush last month in Mbembesi was buried today (Saturday) at Lady Stanely Cemetery in Bulawayo.charles-chiriseri-300x200

Scores of people gathered at Lady Stanely Cemetery in Bulawayo to bid farewell to a renowned man of cloth Apostle Chiriseri after over a month since he perished in a car accident.

Apostle Chiriseri died in Mbembesi on the 16th of September when he lost control of a car he was travelling in together with his wife resulting in the vehicle  overturning and rolling several times.

He died on the spot while his wife was seriously injured.

His burial was delayed for over a month as people were waiting for the recovery of his wife Pastor Pertunia Chiriseri who was admitted in hospital after the tragic incident.

His wife who is a member of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission gave an emotional account of what transpired on the fateful day resulting in the loss of her husband.

Speaker after speaker including renowned Bishop Tudor Bismark and former Zambian vice president Dr Nevers Mumba described the late man of cloth as a God fearing man who transformed a number of people’s lives for the better.

Pastor Chiriseri is survived by his wife, Pastor Pertunia, four biological children and five others who were adopted.


Source – zbc