Archbishop Pius Ncube still not ready to talk about the sex-scandal that cost him his job 9 years ago

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The former Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo Pius Ncube says he is not yet ready to talk about the sex-scandal that forced him to resign nine years ago because this “might injure some people”.

Archbishop Ncube was forced to resign after the local media published pictures of him in bed with a married woman.

Pius Ncube

Pius Ncube

Though critics said this was a sting meant to tarnish his image as he was one of the most vocal critics of President Robert Mugabe’s government at the time, others said as a Catholic priest who had vowed chastity he had no business sleeping with a woman, more so a married one.

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In an interview with The Sunday Mail today Archbishop Ncube said the government blew the story out of proportion but he was not ready to talk about the case because “some of the stuff might affect some Catholics”.

“Lots of statements, which were highly political, were made. So I shall let it lie. Probably after some time, say two or three years from now, I might sit down and write my memoirs, my version of what happened. Not just now. If I speak now I might injure some people. It appears it was never clear what happened,” he said.

Ncube, who turns 70 in two months, said he still had time to write his memoirs.

“I am in good health, God has blessed me with good health. I have no sugar problems, no blood pressure problems, I don’t have sleepless nights and I have lots of time for prayer, so I still have plenty of time to tell my story. And I will tell it one day.”

The woman involved in the scandal, Rosemary Sibanda, died less than a year after the scandal.