COP undresses at shrine

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A POLICE officer on Tuesday unconventionally removed his police hat and shoes to consult a self-styled prophet at a shrine in Chitungwiza.

The unidentified male officer was accompanied by three white ladies when they visited Madzibaba Stephen, real name Stephen Mugariri, of Johanne Masowe YeChishanu.

“Nhamo yavarova zvakadii officer kubvisa bhutsu nengowani yebasa, vadii kutanga vabvisa uniform yechipurisa vozouya nevarungu vavo kwete zvekupfekera uniform kupindira queue,” one of the people waiting to consult Madzibaba was heard saying as the police officer entered the shrine along with the three white ladies.

Madzibaba Stephen made headlines on Star FM at Tilda Live show where he claimed to return evil acts ‘back to sender.’

Madzibaba Stephen

H-Metro established that Madzibaba Stephen was forced to conduct his prayers at a shrine away from where he is a tenant after landlords in St Mary’s clashed over the amount they were charging people accommodated overnight waiting to consult him.

“Two landlords nearly fought in St Mary’s over differences in amount they were charging people who were looking for overnight accommodation,” said one of the eye witnesses of the wrangle.

“Madzibaba Stephen’s neighbours were cashing almost US$50 daily to accommodate 10 people in one room who failed to get the first numbers to be served.

“Even unemployed youth were cashing in for selling numbers to people who came from various parts of the country to consult Madzibaba Stephen.

“At this shrine people who break stones for sale are also complaining because vehicles parked near their place are at risk.

“As for maize fields, vendors have destroyed them as they prepare places to cook food for sale to people waiting in long queues,” he said.

H-Metro took almost an hour to meet Madzibaba Stephen after his security people refused to entertain anyone not booked.-H-metro