Daily News Lied About Uebert Angel, Mocking Bond Notes

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This is a fake story designed to spark unnecessary political attention on Prophet Angel.

By Brilliant Pongo

Even amidst a cacophony of nearly nonstop media fusillades against Uebert Angel. The Daily News’ charge has stood out and cannot go unchallenged.

After years of stories presenting Uebert Angel as a fugitive business fraudster, self-proclaimed prophet, walking emolument for financially struggling newspapers and whatever else it can dream up. The Daily News lied that Prophet Uebert Angel had mocked the Bond Notes in a prominent headline—which has since been picked up by other publications (online).

Daily News ‘telling it like its not’ the once upon a time reputable newspaper fabricated news about Uebert Angel.

The contested article’s assertion that Angel mocked the Zimbabwean bond notes, is a fabrication. This is a fake story designed to spark unnecessary political attention on Prophet Angel.

When a newspaper that carries the hopes of a struggling nation becomes a conveyor of falsehoods, then God help us. To many Zimbabweans, the Daily News was considered a flagship publication in the private media. But with such blatant lies can they be trusted?

There is a certain duty that comes with being the anointed purveyor of truth. Can we trust that the Daily News is fulfilling that duty? Who do they really serve by creating fake news about Uebert Angel? Everyone knows that most Zimbabwean run online publications cannot be trusted. We’ve come to accept their duplicity as part of their charm, and their defence, that it’s only to get hits (Internet traffic) while this is superficially true it is still wrong to report false information.

While focus has always been on online publications fabricating news. The Daily News has exposed that they too are creators of fake news. One only has to wonder then what abominations lie uncovered beneath the tit and glitter lacquered grime and scum they serve up daily, in this once esteemed publication? Indeed this paper once carried the hopes of Zimbabwe.

We will never know the true extent of their dishonesty. We are dealing with experts in propaganda who will stop at nothing to see their version of events prevail, and on the rare occasions when the truth emerges, like a hernia popping through gorged corpse, they apologise discreetly for their ignoble flatulence in a mouse-sized font for hippo-sized lies. They dispose of the truth as expertly as Pulp Fiction’s “Wolf” disposed of Marvin’s body, these wolves of pulp fiction.

Daily News lied

So, erroneous was the report on Uebert Angel authored by Mugove Tafirenyika, for the Daily News (02/April 2017 titled; Uebert Angel back, mocks bond notes), it begs the question, was Mugove, even present at the conference in question? Was he anywhere, near City Sports Centre did he even have access to the broadcast?

Mugove, clearly did not notice that the backdrop on the stage, read GoodNews Revolution.

It was not prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s conference. Bushiri was actually a guest at a conference hosted by The Good News Church (TGNC Harare) branch. Which is one of 48 branches of The Good News Church, a global church which happens to be Uebert Angel’s Church.

The Daily News article is fiction, a complete falsehood that must be dismissed with utter contempt. Shame on you Daily News.-OCRADIO.CO.ZA