Everyone fell for this fake story about a pastor eaten by crocodiles

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British media were abuzz this morning after reporting this “story” of a pastor from Zimbabwe who was eaten by crocodiles after trying to walk on water like Jesus.


The Independent, The Daily Mail, Unilad, Metro, the Express among others had a version of the story citing the Daily Post in Nigeria, which in turn cited the Zimbabwe Herald.

However, the Zimbabwe Herald has no such story on the website. Why? Because the story is fake:


Besides the fact that the river in question is called “Crocodile River” (LOL) and that there’s (suspiciously) another pastor-walks-on-the-water-like-Jesus-gets-eaten-by-crocodiles story from 2016, a quick search on Google reveals that the story was originally published on a satirical website in February:

Yep, it’s definitely a satirical site. A quick look at the “About US” section tells you everything you need to know.