I was forced to drink MADZIBABA’S urine

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A prophet forced himself on a woman before forcing her to drink his urine. The 70-year-old prophet with Johanne Masowe WeChishanu Apostolic Sect, Farai Chinamhora, has been arrested and hauled before a magistrate.

Chinamhora forced himself on a 45-year-old woman who had approached him for spiritual help. The court heard that the prophet took the complainant to a place where the ritual was to take place.

“The prophet took her from the homestead and walked with her for about 50 metres. They arrived at a place where the cleansing was supposed to take place. He ordered her to remove her garments and sprinkled some water into her private parts. Shortly after that, he proceeded to fondle her breasts. He raped her.

“After committing the crime he urinated into a cup he was holding and asked the complainant to wash her private parts with the urine and thereafter drink the urine three times. The complainant went away and she revealed the matter to her daughter-in-law.

A police report was made resulting in the arrest of the suspect,” said the prosecutor. The case continues.