Zimbabwean Prophet Edd Branson foresaw nullification of Kenyan presidential election

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Prophet Edd Branson prophesied the nullification of the Kenyan presidential election.

Prophet Edd Branson

Prophet Edd Branson

Prophet Edd Branson foresaw nullification of Kenyan presidential election.

The leader of Jesus Generation International Ministries, Prophet Edd Branson is attracting worldwide attention with his accurate prophecies.  Seen as a rising star in the modern-day prophetic ministry. Edd Branson is a gifted young prophet who is equipped with the grace for accurate prophecy and the anointing to heal and deliver the sick and afflicted.

Prophet Edd Branson has once again shocked the world with another pinpoint prophecy the nullification of the Kenyan presidential election.

On the 6th of August 2017 in a service  broadcast live across the world prophet Edd Branson prophesied that Kenya will have a re-run of the election.

While prophesying to a Kenyan national who had visited his church in Harare, Prophet Edd said:

“I have already prophesied who the new president will be, but, you shall go twice

Watch the video below:

Election nullified

Just as Prophet Edd Branson said in his prophecy. Kenyans will have to go twice. Meaning they will vote for a presidential candidate again. The prophetic word has come to pass. In a ruling on Friday, Chief Justice David Maraga said the 8 August election had not been conducted in accordance with the constitution, declaring it “invalid, null and void”.

The court cited irregularities in last month’s election and ordered a new one within 60 days.

The poll had raised fears of major violence similar to that following a disputed vote in 2007.

Although the unrest in this year’s vote was not as serious as in 2007, days of sporadic protests left at least 28 people dead.

Kenya’s election commission had declared Mr Kenyatta the winner by a margin of 1.4 million votes but the result was immediately challenged in court by his nearest rival, opposition leader Raila Odinga.

This is a prophetic word fulfilled. Prophet Edd Branson called it. He saw it, now Kenyans will vote again. ‘You shall go twice‘ as the prophet of God said.-OCRADIO.CO.ZA