Several senior ZANU PF Officials Poisoned in suspected chemical warfare

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Officials attending the Matabeleland South cultural week festival launch in Filabusi on Saturday left the place with running tummies after eating suspected poisoned food.

Sources close to the officials who were at the VIP table say that some officials who included Bulawayo Minister for Provincial Affairs Eunice Sandi Moyo complained of stomach aches shortly after eating lunch.

The sources claim that because of the stomach complaints the officials had to immediately leave the ceremony rushing to Bulawayo for medical attention.

On the way the convoy of vehicles had to make a couple of stops to allow the officials to get a toilet break.

Organisers of the event at the Arts and Culture office in Gwanda refused to talk to media on the matter. However one of the persons in the catering committee said that the running tummies could have been caused by a dish washing chemical.

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