Shock As Thugs Brutally Attack White South African Couple: Jump On Pregnant Mother Killing Unborn Triplets

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A young white couple was brutally attacked by  unknown  black men yesterday en route to Port Elizabeth .

Andrew and Colleen Lingwood were on their way to Port Elizabeth on February 14 2016 when they were attacked .

The thugs assaulted them- jumped on the pregnant Colleen -all while they  flung racist slanders at her.

Their car also was stolen  by the thugs – and some passers-by took them through to hospital. Unfortunately all 3 their precious babies were killed (murdered)  in the attack.A while back Coleen  were in the news when she picked up a wallet with R 10 000-  and gave it back to the rightful owner. Coleen will now be transferred to a hospital in Cape Town for an operation on her stomach. The attack was  motivated out of pure race hatred .

Nobody was arrested -and probably will be-for this vile deed as yet. This is what South Africa is all about- the naked hatred and racism against the minority whites. Yet ironic is  it that the black politicians, media- and liberals are now suddenly eerie silent about this. To them – apparently a “blackface” and unruly UCT black students  are  a much more priority crime and newsworthy-  than the murder of 3 innocent unborn  babies.
SOURCE: George Police


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