Strive Masiyiwa : Uncovering The Social Media Secrets of Zimbabwe’s Billionaire Telecoms Tycoon

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Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event.

Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event.

Have you ever wanted to look over the shoulder of your favourite social media user and learn all their secrets?

Thankfully, the availability of analytic tools has started pulling back the curtain to reveal how any internet user can build large followings on every major social media website out there, in particular, Facebook.

As of 2017, Facebook was ranked the sixth most valuable public company in the world, with a market value of around $407.3 billion. According to website Facebook accounts for  nearly 2.2 billion monthly users for its social network. Around 4.2 billion people, just over of all those on the planet with access to the internet, log on every day.

Strive Masiyiwa , has been an influential Facebook user for some time now. In this world where Big Data is considered to be the new oil, pay attention , as this data I have unearthed using  these social media mining tools  such as Hawskey , Social backers  , crowdtangle etc can be important to you and your business or even for fun.

According to CrowdTangle, Zimbabwe-born Strive is the most influential Business Leader sitting ahead of most billionaires in the world such as  Bill Gates , Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer  and John Legere.

Strive has a global fan base of 3.1 million , with 9.9 millions interactions on his 6 Facebook posts he made in February 2018 alone.Facebook interactions include reactions (like, love, angry, haha, wow, or sad), comments, and shares on public posts.

Speaking on why his page was so popular, Dr Masiyiwa said “I write every post myself. I’m very prayerful and contemplative about each post, because I’m mindful of the fact that I’m addressing the next generation of leaders.”

“I read the thousands of comments myself, and try to engage back directly as much as my schedule allows. Each comment matters, and I don’t want anyone to feel their comments are not important. I wish I could answer everyone, but that is impossible. And yet every comment that I select, I answer as though the person were in my office.” He added.

Strive , on average makes a single Facebook  post per day  , each accompanied by an distribution photo. Attaching an image to a post doesn’t only ensure maximum impact and engagement but  researchers have shown that posts with images yield 39 % Interaction rates.  According to Kissmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-through on links than text-based posts.

Strive does not tag other users or organizations on his image posts.

In February 2018 , Strive made 6 Facebook posts. One of them was made on Friday , one on Monday, one  on  Saturday , one on Wednesday and two on Thursday. Does the day and time of posting on Facebook matter?  Before we seek to provide an insight into that question , it is important to note that there are different time zones across the world. He commands a huge following in Africa , mainly in Nigeria with a fan base of around 389 000. India has nearly 1 million fans while 219 000 follow him in his native Zimbabwe.

A closer look at the statistics for these posts shows Wednesday had the least interactions  of just under 500 000 users  and the busiest days being Thursday which recorded nearly 2 million interactions on both days .Friday , Saturday and Monday posts were fairly high.Perhaps it is a good thing to know the right time to post as it helps to stand out and reach out a massive audience.

Trackmaven  analyzed more than 17.5 million social media posts by 17,737 brands to provide you with the best times to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.They concluded that overall best time of day and day of the week to post on Facebook is at 8pm while other researchers give conflicting views due to varying individual interests and demographics.  Buddymedia’s study found that engagement rates for Facebook are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

Copyright 2018 : Trackmaven

Copyright 2018 : Trackmaven : Thursday 8 pm is the best time to post on facebook for maximum Impact

Posting on Facebook requires strategy or a cocktail of them , like in any competition to get an edge over your competitors one has to think through a number of ways to get maximum interaction and penetration . To reap that top spot in the news feeds with your product , bear in mind some of these insights drawn from Dr Strive Masiyiwa. Use data and text mining tools that are freely available online to analyse data and win over .Remember Strive can afford to sponsor his posts for a wider reach .So what works for him might not work for you , and I therefore could argue in terms of timing among other strategies, there is no one size fit all with Facebook. But what is known is there are no veils on social media , as technology has just proven.

Gift Kugara is a tech enthusiast  with interests in Data Mining , Text Mining ,Simulation ,Modelling and Forecasting. He holds  Data and Systems Analysis , Actuarial  and Business Analytics qualifications from Oxford University ,The Open University and Kent University . He is a  member of The Operational Research Society, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries   and The Royal Statistical Society . He is SimilarWeb Digital Market Intelligence Certificate Program (S) Certified.


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