SUPA DIVORCE| Ruvheneko speaks on why she dumped Mandiwanzira’s ZiFM

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Ruvheneko who has quit ZiFM says things went downhill for her when she was removed from hosting The Platform.

“The bone of contention between ZiFM Stereo and I started last year. It’s really been spiralling to where we are today. Publicly, I’m no longer on air since they took The Platform away from me which was my heartbeat for a long time.

“So with that gone, a position in management was great, but it didn’t fulfil me. I’m a media personality and with that microphone gone, I was losing myself. So the move to TV was discussed and it happened, which was great! However, the day-to-day working environment at AB Communications was no longer suited for me for reasons I don’t need to disclose because they’re none of my business anymore.”

To prove that the honeymoon was over at the radio station, ZiFM management reportedly dumped the Musarara case on Ruvheneko and left her to handle it.

“Musarara has sued me for defamation for $200K. Summons from the High Court came. It’s a case underway so I’d rather not discuss it at this stage. However, the organisation has given themselves nothing to do with it; they distanced themselves from it so it’s directly between Musarara and I,” she said.-Online

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