Mugabe threatens to extradite diaspora social media abusers and jail them for 5 years

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by TZN Correspondent

President Robert Mugabe has threatened to unleash a draconian legislation that will allow his government to extradite and jail diaspora Zimbabweans  abusing the social media to instigate violence, banditry, sabotage and general instability in Zimbabwe .whatsapp-content

According to a report by the state owned  weekly Sunday News, Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira is gathering stakeholder’s views on the proposed law after which he will take it to Parliament.

All violations and penalties stated in the Bill apply to Zimbabweans both at home and outside the country, and offenders can be extradited in terms of the Extradition Act (Chapter 9:08).


Several demonstrations and a one-day national strike were organised over social media. These outbreaks of unrest have unnerved President Robert Mugabe’s bankrupt government.

One twitter feed called #ThisFlag has coordinated many of the protests.

The regime is drafting a new law that will allow police to confiscate electronic equipment and raid broadband service providers. The “Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill” would empower police to intercept private communications, search and seize any “electronic gadgets,” and send any “abusers” to jail for five years.

Zimbabwe’s security chiefs are on alert, with Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Phillip Valerio Sibanda saying his charges were ready to deal with cyber-based attempts at destabilisation.