Picture: Twitter On Fire After Mugabe Was Caught Sleeping During WEF Forum In Durban

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WEF Africa Forum: Twitter is currently having a field day with words and photos after Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe was captured sleeping during the WEF.

The 2017 WEF Africa holds at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province.  And over 1200 participants from over 100 countries representing business, government, academia, civil society, media and the arts are attending the meeting.

Many online users responded to the repulsive habit by spilling it all on the social media, with most people saying the 93-year-old president should be at home resting with his grandchildren.

While speaking at the WEF Africa Forum earlier today, Mugabe denied during a panel discussion on fragile states that Zimbabwe is a fragile state, insisting that the country is the most highly developed country in Africa after South Africa.

“We have over 14 universities and our literacy rate is over 90 [%] – the highest in Africa. The economy is improving. We have more resources, perhaps more than the average country in the world. We have a bumper harvest, maize, tobacco, and other crops. We are not a poor country,” he said.

More often than not, the Zimbabwean president has been caught struggling to stay awake during international meetings.

Last year, the ailing president dozed off while attended the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

Zimbabweans have once again heightened fears that the country will once again enter a period of hyperinflation as a result of the central bank’s introduction of bond notes.

Recently, the country, which was once known as the breadbasket of Southern Africa has been struggling to pay its civil servants and is ranked 24th on the UNDP’s Human Development Index for Africa.

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In 2016, the drought left over four million people in Zimbabwe in need of food aid. This mishap was partly triggered by a severe cash shortage, which subsequently led to the introduction of its so-called bond. Mr Mugabe, who has ruled since independence in 1980, of ruining the economy.

Mr Mugabe, who has ruled since independence in 1980, is being accused of ruining the economy.