Zimbabwe Army Commander Wants Websites Banned

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Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda has put a number of websites on a blacklist for allegedly offering  pornography, terrorism and Satanism to young children and has asked for measures to ban them in schools.

Speaking at the Commander Zimbabwe National Army 2017 Merit Awards attended by all army schools at 4.1 Infantry Battalion yesterday, Lt-Gen Sibanda said the young should not have access to undesirable websites.

“Efforts must continue to be put to make sure that these undesirable websites are not accessible to our children, particularly those in school.’’, he said.

‘While technology is good, it must also be noted that it has a dark side where our children might end up accessing undesirable websites on the Internet and these undesirable things include pornography, terrorism and Satanism,” said Lt-Gen Sibanda.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander, Constantino Chiwenga last year said GOVERNMENT is unhappy with continued “abuse” of the social media and will soon craft laws to monitor those who use it to scold leaders and destabilise the country.